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Covid-19 has decimated the travel and hotel business

They have partnered with

The Believers' club

The travel industry has partnered with us. As travel is beginning to open up, the travel industry partnered with "The Believers Club" to jump-start its re-growth, they are offering huge discounts through us that are not available anywhere else.

What can you use the voucher for?

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* the membership is 29.99 per month

You can use your Believers' Club for substantial discounts on flights and meals, as well as many other items.

These are the terms and conditions on the voucher;

EXCLUSIVE OFFER/VALID THROUGH WEBSITE ONLY WITH VOUCHER/CARD CODE AND PIN NUMBER. One card/code per email. Use our global platform offered in 19 languages and currencies. On our exclusive booking platform register the code and pin number and activate the account. The savings displayed in any search result is the amount that can be applied. The balance of savings will be saved for future purchases. The savings code/card cannot be applied towards airline bookings. This program accesses a percentage of the possible savings, hence no price guarantee. There is no expiration date. When all savings are used up, contact your representative for upgrade options. When you receive the Voucher Code and Password you will also receive the website information so you may activate the savings voucher and also book any travel plans. Your membership must be paid for 90 days to receive your travel voucher to help offset our costs.

Depending upon how you use the travel voucher, you can claim as much as 60% off of the price up to the available balance on your voucher.

What do I receive for 29.99 per month?

A travel voucher worth $200.00, after the third month is paid.

Savings of 10% to 50% on goods and services you purchase everyday.

Membership in the Believers Club .

Access to new discounts as they become available.

Use of our Android or iOS Apple app that provides access to over 300,000 businesses at over 700,000 locations nationwide.

Don't have a SmartDevice? No problem, we provide a website for you to be able to access these great deals.

A free eBook that will help you get the most out of your savings.

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100% Satisfaction


We are certain that you will be absolutely satisfied with our products.

Use our products for 90 days and in the event, you are not happy simply let us know and we will not charge your card for any future subscription fees.

You may cancel your membership at any time, however you have to have paid your membership for 90 days to receive your travel voucher.


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